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Coming  2024

Saints of Ethiopia

The ancient land of Ethiopia hides a treasure trove of spirituality. Included in this volume are many rare texts, such as the Life and Teachings of Saint Moses, a repentant thief who became one of the greatest Desert Fathers. Read the first-hand account of the conversion of the Kingdom of Axum by Saint Frumentius and the heroic struggles of the pious King Elesbaan in defence of the persecuted Christians of Yemen. Also appearing for the first time in English are the lives of Saints Pantaleon the Recluse, who lived in a mountain cave for forty-five years, and Jared the Melodist, who was taught divine melodies in heaven by the angels themselves.


Apostles to Gaul

Everyone is familiar with the Apostles, but few are aware of the great missionary endeavours of their successors. Collected in this volume are the lives of the seven evangelists who laid the foundation of the incredible blossoming of faith in Gaul: Saturninus of Toulouse, at whose presence the pagan oracles fell silent; Trophimus of Arles, the zealous disciple of Saint Peter; Dionysius of Paris, the miracle-worker whose tongue continued preaching even after he was beheaded; Paul of Narbonne, who escaped the wicked plot of his deacons through the foresight of God; Stremonius of Auvergne, who saved a man from an evil water-demon; Martial of Limoges, who resurrected his companion with his staff; and Gatian of Tours, the great preacher whose intercessions delivered his city from the English army during the Hundred Years' War.

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